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Harvey Lintels and Harvey Stainless

Harvey Steel lintels was formed over 20 years ago to fulfil a market demand for custom steel lintels with speedy delivery.

At the time other manufacturers were offering small ranges of mass-produced steel lintels, and anything out of the ordinary had to be specially fabricated.

The founders of Harvey Steel Lintels decided to do something different; they decided to offer a much larger range of standard lintels, but all would be made to order. Their whole manufacturing process would be optimised for the speedy manufacture of small quantities.

This meant that while more expensive on some of the very common lintels compared to the other manufacturers, they were often cheaper and always a lot faster on most of the range. And because of the way the lintels were produced, unusual specials such as arches, corners and curves could easily be produced without any additional time penalties!

Harvey Steel Lintels still maintains this approach to the market today, and hence offers the largest range of any manufacturer with short lead times.

Because of our heritage, we are exceptionally efficient at designing special lintels, and have been helping architects and structural engineers to achieve their design intent for over two decades.

When it comes to unusual lintels such as special arches, corners, feature brick or bonded brick composite lintels there are only a few manufacturers in the UK who can deal with the design and manufacture under one roof.

Many sellers advertising special lintel products actually contract us to design and manufacture!

“We frequently quote for the same contract via several avenues - a strong indication that we are one of the foremost special lintel manufacturers in the UK.

Of course we supply and support several merchants with our products, but we don't stop there...

We regularly work with all construction industry participants, right from the initial concept. Architects & engineers will often ask us if something is possible at the concept stage, main contractors ask as for options and alternatives and we even assist owner-builders with one-off designs to achieve their dreams.

It has long been recognised in the construction industry that galvanised products have a limited lifespan in a corrosive environment, and that stainless steels are preferred for higher quality or durability.

We have supplied lintels in optional 304 stainless steel since the early days, but they have always been the same designs as our galvanised lintels.

Grade 304 stainless steel is not as strong as our S280 galvanised steel, and suffers from dramatic price fluctuations with the nickel prices. Both these factors have limited its sales potential.

Recent developments in stainless steel have led to new grades which are far stronger than S280 steel, and more price stable & corrosion resistant than 304.

We have recently sought to take advantage of this development with a completely new range of lintels, designed specifically to take advantage of the new stainless steels.

This is the Harvey Stainless range.