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Galvanised Steel vs Stainless Steel

If a low carbon footprint or minimal environmental impact is high on your list of priorities, then stainless steel wins hands-down over other steels.

For more information about stainless steels and the environment, click here to visit our Stainless Lintels site.

Our production process

We manufacture most of our lintels to order, and deliver ‘just-in-time’. This means no stock-holding, requiring less space for our factory, and ensuring there is no waste when products don’t sell.

Our delivery systems

Most of our lintels are dispatched direct to our customers sites, with a small proportion of the more common lintels being held on stock by our re-sellers.

Our lintels are delivered by nation-wide logistics companies who combine our lintels with other goods for transportation on full lorries, and also back-load other good on return where possible. This eliminates most of the wasteful transportation associated with delivering individual orders by themselves to sites, and also of double shipped from factory to stockist to site.