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Most bespoke designs do not cost any extra, and because of our flexible production system, usually the lead time is the same!Lintel specification from plans is also a 'no-cost' service.In fact, the only thing we usually charge for is the Lintels!


Our Lintel Services

We can sell you standard lintels from our catalogues, or we can do much more...

What do we do? (product and service range)

You can ask us what lintels you need. We are obviously very familiar with our lintels and will pick the most suitable lintels for your application. You supply us with drawings (paper, DWG, PDF or standard image files) and we will calculate the loads on each lintel and give you a lintel schedule to suit your design.

To do this we need the following information:

  • Full height elevations showing all the lintels
  • Cross section dimensions of the wall (cavity etc)
  • The type of brick or block used for the wall
  • Plans showing floor joist and roof truss locations

We require all this information to calculate the loads that are applied to the lintels.

Pricing of existing schedules

If you already have a lintel schedule we can price it in terms of our specifications. Note that we either require loads to be provided for the lintels or we need the plans of the building;
If the schedule is in terms of 'duty' ie 'heavy duty' 'medium duty' etc we will not be able to price it accurately since one suppliers 'heavy duty' is anothers 'standard duty'. Best economy is gained from specifying the most suitable lintel for the duty.


Special Design

We have a technical department that spends virtually all it's time designing custom lintels. Typically the customer comes up with a masonry design and asks us for a way to support it. We integrate the lintel with the rest of the structure to achieve the designer's intent.

This can involve:

  • Bolted connections to attach to surrounding steel frame
  • Support posts; visible or concealed
  • Modified steel frame to support masonry direct
  • Integrated windposts & shutter housings
  • Designs to conceal the lintel in the masonry
  • A range of tricky shapes, such as arches in circular towers!


AutoCAD Integration

We use our in house design software PEPS-CAMTEK for our manufacturing purposes but we also use AutoCAD to design lintels and integrate with our customers drawings.
We are able to supply all our designs as AutoCAD blocks for Architects to integrate directly into their drawings and rapidly check form and fit.

We can even supply blocks in your own layer configuration if you give us the details!

Go to our downloads page or browse our products tab to download AutoCAD files holding our standard Lintels as blocks.