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Technical Design Services

Fast turn-around for standard Lintels

The majority of our lintels are made to order. This enables us to offer our enormous range without large stock requirements which could mean delays if a lintel were out of stock and had to wait for a production run.

This doesn’t mean a long wait however; for all but large orders, standard lintels are usually fabricated within 48 hours, and delivered to most regional centres 1-2 days later. We can usually guarantee delivery to any part of the UK within a week.

Specification Assistance

If you’re not familiar with lintels but need to order some, we provide assistance with specifying the appropriate lintel for your application.
This can often be done over the phone, or for more complex applications we can specify the lintels from suitably detailed plans of the construction.
You can mail or email (.DWG or .PDF preferred) plan for a whole development and we’ll make up the lintel schedule and quote for the work, free of charge.

Advice at the design Stage

If your building is on the drawing board and you have some unusual requirements for lintels, talk to us early to find the most cost effective or efficient lintels designs to achieve your goals.
We can assist with AutoCAD blocks of both standard and special lintels that can be incorporated into your designs early so you know it won’t be a problem at the construction stage!

What is possible

We frequently design large arched lintels, curved lintels, bay window lintels, roller shutters lintels, lintels with adhered bricks, feature brick lintels and more! We have designed lintels for spans of over 15meters in the past, and we undertake numerous lintel design tasks where the lintels are coordinated with structural steel elements, working with both the architects and the engineers as required.

Minimum sizes and order

We have no minimums! We will design and manufacture just one special lintel for you. Even if you are an owner-builder who just needs one lintel for an extension, we’ll make it work for you.
Owner builders account for a reasonable proportion of our customers, mainly because our technical department is down to earth, efficient and easy to talk too. You can even drop into our factory in person and talk to our technical staff face to face!

dwg No need to guess, include a block of the actual lintel at the design stage!