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TIP: Our new high strength stainless range has dedicated sections designed specifically for curved applications, complete with load tables.

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Lintels for Curves & Corners

In our traditional galvanised range Corner Lintels and Curved on Plan lintels are special types of lintel that are specified by first establishing what type of lintel would be required if the wall were straight. We then design a curved or corner lintel to meet the same structural requirement.

‘Corner’ lintels are not just limited to one bend either, we regularly manufacture bay lintels based on our standard straight lintel sections. We design posts to suit based on the estimated loads and the drop of the post.

For exposed locations customers usually prefer to order these lintels in stainless steel, because the external welds are a weak point in galvanised coatings, even when hot dipped. We have designed dedicated sections with their own load tables for the curved lintels in our new stainless range, to view our stainless curved lintels click here


How to specify a Curved Lintel

To specify a curved lintel, select the lintel section suitable i.e. SC50a, and “wall curved to / concave to / ------- Radius”. Curved lintel sections will generally be of rectangular section due the manufacturing technique.

The curved section supplied will always exceed the structural properties of the specified straight lintel section on which the curve was based. In order to ensure stability, care must be taken when specifying bearing lengths, please contact our technical department if required..



How to specify a Corner Lintel

To specify a corner lintel, select the lintel section suitable i.e. SC50a, and dimensions “ A = mm B = mm C = mm ”. Corner lintels are manufactured as standard with the inner corner of the post intersecting the inner corner of the block (see detail) however, post type, size and position can be varied to suit individual situations. Posts are supplied to suit your requirements. Specify dimensions A & B only for corner lintel without post. Note that the length of the post is the dimension from the underside of the base plate to the underside of the lintel.