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Feature Brick Lintels

What is ‘Feature Brick’ ?

Rather than being a special type of lintel, feature brick is actually an option available on most standard lintels. We take the standard lintel design you require and tweak it so that the outer leaf of masonry (or the only leaf of masonry in the case of single solid walls) is supported from above or behind rather than underneath.


The Advantages

The Feature Brick option effectively hides the lintel so that you see masonry on the underside of the soffit instead of steel. This improves the aesthetics of the installation and also eliminates the requirement for maintenance on the soffit.

The weight of the masonry is instead supported at a convenient course above the lintel, with the ‘feature brick’ course effectively hanging from the lintel.


feature brick

How to specify a Feature Brick Lintel

You simply use the same specification as for the lintel you would need if you didn’t required feature brick, and then suffix the specification “FB” so we know to manufacture the feature brick version.

We also usuallyneed to know the height and width of the brick feature (soldier course etc) as well as the opening span so we can design the leaf support in the correct location.

The lintel is normally supplied with a temporary base plate on which the feature course(s) are built (shown left). This is later removed and the joints on the underside pointed/cleaned prior to the mortar becoming fully cured.


What is possible

Feature brick is usually specified for arches and openings above walkways where the soffit is in prominent view, or on traditional designs where a steel lintel would not have traditionally been installed but is now required to comply with modern regulations.

Various types of straight lintels, arches and even curves can all bee accommodated in feature brick