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Roller Shutter & Lintel Systems

Aesthetic Security!

We manufacture a wide range of lintels specially designed to house roller shutter systems.

To order a roller shutter lintel, a standard lintel is selected that would suit the duty (eg SC100b) and we design an appropriate shutter box that has the equivalent strength of that lintel.

We have key distributors of these systems that will assist with the specification of the shutter system itself, including motor controls, lath choice and locking systems.

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The Advantages of Integrated Shutters

Housing the roller shutter inside the lintel usually means it is completely contained within the wall, so the eye-sore of a metal shutter-box is eliminated.

The mechanism can be readily accessed from the inside through a removable panel (if required) that is flush on the wall and does not intrude on the interior finish.

Our major distributors have cavity-closer guide systems that are concealed in the cavity of the wall. This not only weatherproofs the system, but also heightens security by ensuring the guides cannot be tampered with.

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